Location: Scone, NSW, Australia, 2337


XS (KIDS)      63.5cm

S                    72.39cm

M                   82.55cm

L                    92.71cm

XL                 102.87cm

2XL               109.22cm

3XL               114.30cm

4XL               119.38cm

5XL               124.46cm




We get it, really we do!!

The Dusty Diamonds girls are more than happy to help, send us your measurements via the comments page and let us do the work for you!

We understand that sizing is difficult online, if you happen to get it completely wrong and purchase the wrong size, contact us within 2 days of receiving your purchase and we will organise a return of the item and send you your correct size!

How To Correctly Fit Your New Belt!!

The length of a belt is measured from behind the buckle to the most centre hole. If you reguarly wear hipster jeans you should measure your hip circumference and if you regularly wear high cut waist jeans you should measure your waist circumference - (yes they are different!) and choose a belt size that is just ABOVE your measurements, not below - E.g. if my tape measurement for my belt was 90cm I would buy a Large belt, not a Medium belt.

Our belts use the manufactured lengths listed on this page and are sold in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL and 5XL. Remember: If you don;t have a tape measure use a piece of string, mark it and then measure your string on a ruler!

Buying a belt that utilises the centre holes rather than holes on either end  will ensure that you can continue to use the belt whether you lose weight, gain weight, eat a big dinner, wear hipster jeans or waist high jeans! So do yourself a favour and strive to find your correct size to get the most out of your new Bling belt!

Dusty Diamonds pride themselves in catering for large and plus sizes within their belts. We carry belts up to 2XL at anytime, and are more than happy to order larger belts on special order. Please note Special orders DO NOT have a surcharge, you will pay the same as everyone else! We do frequent orders, email us or message us on facebook for a Preorder today!